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Are you ready for a transformative, soul-connecting experience?

At Prana Estate Wellness Retreats, we believe in curating intentional, self-loving, and healing retreats that cater to everyone. We understand the importance of sisterhood and offer women-only retreats to honour and nurture the sacred bonds that women share. For men, we provide a safe and gentle space where vulnerability is welcomed and pure love is seen and understood in the brotherhood. Our open-to-all retreats create a space for individuals and groups to explore their inner worlds and connect with partners, friends, or family in a safe and loving environment at Sunquncha Temple.

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First Step

No matter where you are on your healing journey, we have a program that suits you, whether it’s just the beginning, or seeking constant improvement.

Our highly trained staff are here to guide you on a transformational and magical journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Join us at Prana Estate Wellness Retreats and allow us to serve you with a heartfelt and authentic experience that will connect you to your soul and to others. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.


Prana Retreats

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Elevate your team’s productivity and well-being with our bespoke corporate retreats at Prana Estate Wellness Retreats.

Our safe and supportive environment fosters authentic connections and a deeper understanding of one another, resulting in enhanced collaboration. Contact us to create a transformative retreat tailored to your company’s unique needs. Let us help your team reach new heights and unlock its full potential.

Contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate your corporate retreat.


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